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Purse Fetish

A girl is not complete without her handbag

Love it, darling
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Are you addicted to purses?

Well, this is the community for you! We're all about selling and trading handbags, backpacks, purses, whatever floats your boat! You can show off and gloat over your favorite purses too if you like, and make some of us jealous.

A few simple rules though, please.

1. Please, be polite and kind, ect.
2. No false representation of your purses. If it's not a certain brand, don't say it is.
3. Deals are between the seller and buyer. The moderator won't get into it!
4. Please, purses and bags are the only thing to be sold/traded in this community. A few accesories may be sold in moderation, but no clothing or shoes. There's plenty of other communities for that.
5. Have fun!

Your friendly mod,